Why Should You Clean Gutters Before Winter?

The Best Time to Clean Gutters Although it may seem like a chore and certainly isn’t the most fun thing you might could do on a Sunday afternoon, gutter cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance schedule. Your gutters are an important part of your house as a system, and they need to function properly…


Are You Making These 5 Common Gutter Maintenance Mistakes?

Prevent Costly Gutter Repairs in Vancouver

Gutters and downspouts are an essential part of any Vancouver home. They control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, siding, foundation and nearby landscaping.

However, neglected or improper maintenance turns your gutter system into a gutter disaster. Maintaining gutters and downspouts in the Metro Vancouver region is especially important because of the amount of rainy days the Lower Mainland receives, but many common mistakes in how people clean and inspect their gutters could be causing more harm than good.

To protect the durability and longevity of the gutter system on your home—and save yourself from expensive repairs in the future—check out these common gutter maintenance mistakes so your gutters can continue to perform the way they should for many years to come.



How to Avoid Pests in Your Gutter System

Pests and Gutters in Metro Vancouver

Are your gutters a breeding zone for pests? Many homeowners in Metro Vancouver don’t realize that the gutter systems on their Vancouver houses are the perfect spot for pests to call a home of their own—causing havoc for the efficacy and lifespan of your gutters, not to mention curb appeal.

Gutters are an affordable solution to rainwater creating damage to your home’s foundation by redirecting that water via downspouts away from the base of your home. But we can all imagine a scenario on a warm Saturday in spring when you go to clean your Vancouver gutters and discover a pest and rodent party.

With changing temperatures and moisture levels that occur during the late winter and early spring in Metro Vancouver, it’s an ideal time of year for animal critters to create problems to your gutter system. Maintaining and cleaning your gutters on a regular basis is important, but sometimes more preemptive measures are needed to help you get the job done and keep pests and animals out of your gutters.

Weatherguard Gutters in Metro Vancouver is here to explain how pests can get into your gutter system, the kinds of problems they can create and what additional steps you can take to get rid of pests in your Vancouver gutter for good!



Common Gutter Problems in Vancouver & How to Fix Them

Fixing Common Gutter Problems in Vancouver

Gutters are an essential element to a healthy and happy home in Metro Vancouver. By collecting rainfall from roofs and diverting that water to downspouts, away from your home’s exterior and foundation, gutters protect your house from flooded basements, moisture damage and erosion near your landscaping.

And in the Lower Mainland, rainfall is a constant concern with which homeowners have to contend regularly, exacerbating the threat that water poses to your residential home.

Proper gutter maintenance and fixing common gutter problems that Vancouver-area homeowners face are therefore important tasks to optimizing the life-span of your gutters, maximizing both gutter effectiveness and the value of your investment.

Unfortunately, there are many different problems that could negatively impact your gutter system. Learn about the top causes of gutter problems and tips for gutter repairs to help protect your Vancouver home.


What is a Downspout and What Does it Do?

Rainfall is an important part of our ecosystem, and who doesn’t love occasionally dancing in the rain? When it comes to protecting your home and your roof, rain isn’t always your best friend.

With Metro Vancouver’s wet climate, shielding your home from moisture damage and the threat of flooding takes on an extra level of importance. That’s why downspouts or rainwater leaders are so integral. Downspout diverters are an essential component of any successful residential drainage system for Vancouver-area homes.

If you’re noticing problematic water buildups along your home’s exterior, gutters attached to your roof that are falling apart, or are looking for a way to increase the value of your home, renovating your gutters and downspouts are excellent ways to go.

Understanding exactly how downspout extensions function and what the benefits of downspouts are can help you better make decisions about pursuing major exterior renovations. Weatherguard Gutters in Metro Vancouver has decades of experience in gutter and downspout installations throughout the Lower Mainland to protect your home from water damage. We have the expertise to help homeowners make the right decision.


4 Tips for Buying Copper Gutters in Vancouver

Whether they’re up against standard gutter systems made of aluminum or their fellow European-styled half-round continuous gutters made from zinc or steel, it’s little secret that premium copper offers the highest quality material you can use for investing in new gutters.

Copper gutters offer many advantages; the main one being the striking beauty and aesthetic elegance of them. Copper offers a dramatically decorative look that helps your house stand out on the block and raises the value of your home in the process.

Plus, copper gutters have an impressive lifespan, usually 50+ years, making them a smart purchase when it comes to long-term ROI for buying and installing new gutters on your Vancouver home. Virtually maintenance free, except for the occasional unclogging of leaves and dirt, copper gutters are resistant to rust and they do a good job of naturally deterring cracks and splits as they are extruded in continuous lengths as required.

It is important that you do your homework and understand what you should know before buying copper gutters. Here are four tips from Weatherguard Gutters for purchasing continuous copper gutters in Metro Vancouver.


How Gutters Protect Your Vancouver Home

The Importance of Gutters in Vancouver to Keep Your Home Functional

Most homeowners appreciate the value of residential gutters in theory but don’t think about the importance of gutters on a regular basis. They know gutters are necessary, that clogged gutters jeopardize the safety of their home and that unclogging gutters is a time-consuming and sometimes mucky hassle. But exactly why are gutters so important and what purposes do they serve?

The fact is, gutters are your first line of defence against water damage to your home, and they are especially salient in the Metro Vancouver region, which sees its fair share of constant rainfall. By directing water from your roof and away from your house in Vancouver, gutters are the unsung heroes of guarding against preventative damage to your house.

Learning about the specific ways that they help to shield your home from water damage can better prepare you to ensure that your gutters are well maintained, damage-free and fully functional, saving you tons of time and money in the future from having to urgently and unexpectedly invest in a brand new gutter system.


5 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Gutters in Vancouver

Learn What Gutters to Install for Residential or Commercial Buildings

There are many important factors to consider when buying new gutters in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The most important aspects to keep in mind should be which gutter system will best protect your house, provide the best value for your home and most adequately balance out functionality, cost and aesthetics.

One unique element about living in the Metro Vancouver area is that the climate delivers a vast variation of different weather patterns. Vancouver receives more rainy days than any other major city in Canada. Home prices and investments in housing are always points of consideration. So the style of gutters you install on your home for drainage should look good and should be functional.

Here are five tips from Weatherguard Gutters that you need to know before purchasing and having your new gutters installed on your Metro Vancouver home.

Top Things to Consider Before Getting New Gutters in Metro Vancouver


What is the Difference Between Residential & Commercial Gutters?

Learn What Gutters to Install for Residential or Commercial Buildings

Often, homeowners and business owners in Metro Vancouver will need to decide what kind of gutters are best for their homes or businesses. These two different applications require two potentially different styles of gutter to deal with the storm water run-off.

Either business owners need new gutters and are unsure about transferable elements from their experiences investing in residential gutters, or homeowners notice different kinds of gutters on commercial buildings and wonder if they need anything new or different on their homes.

Firstly, regardless of whether or not a gutter is on a residential home or a commercial building, they both serve the same essential purpose: to drain water from the roof of a building during heavy rains, mitigating roof damage and leakage by redirecting the water to the ground and towards sewers via downspouts.

But there can be subtle differences and requirements between residential gutters and commercial-building gutters that could make an impact on how you buy gutters for either style of your Vancouver property.

Building Types for Gutters: Residential or Commercial


Gutter Cleaning Tips for Vancouver Homes

Learn to Clean Gutters Safely and Effectively from Weatherguard Gutters

With the dog days of winter not far from being gone, spring will arrive shortly and that means it’s gutter-cleaning season once again here in Metro Vancouver.

Gutter cleaning is important, because home and building gutters clogged with debris, leaves and dirt can overflow and cause water damage to either the interior or exterior of your home.

Gutters are an essential part of your Vancouver home’s overall health, and as Lower Mainland BC’s largest installer of residential and commercial gutters, Weatherguard Gutters cares about quality gutter-cleaning and maintenance – not to mention your safety!

Cleaning gutters can be a risky activity if you don’t take the right safety precautions.  You can injure yourself or inadvertently cause damage to your home. So take heed of the top tips listed below to help make sure your next gutter-cleaning task doesn’t leave either you or your house worse for wear.

Best Tips for Effective and Safe Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver


5 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Gutters

Gutters are one of the most important parts of any home. They are the first line of defense in preventing water damage by guiding and leading water away from your home.  It protects the home’s exterior walls and doors, thus virtually eliminating the risk of basement flooding.

In rainy Vancouver and surrounding areas, gutters and downspouts are especially vital because of the amount of rainfall the region receives annually, especially in the winter months.

Existing gutters or eavestroughs can often service houses for multiple decades, therefore many homeowners are not sure how old their gutters are or their condition.

How do you know that your gutters need to be replaced? You don’t want to tear down gutters that could be salvaged, however the risk of relying on faulty gutters in Metro Vancouver could have grave consequences. Here are five warning signs you should look for that may indicate it’s time for new gutters replacement.

Spot the Warning Signs of Damaged Gutters on Your Metro Vancouver Home


Gutter Accessories – What is Your Greater Vancouver Gutter System Missing?

Are you a homeowner looking to better protect your home from the Greater Vancouver climate? Are you buying a property in the Lower Mainland and want to ensure the same exterior preparedness? Are you a seller seeking to increase your asking price before putting it to market? Or are you a developer that pays attention to every last detail in order to maximize market value? Whichever the case, you know that installing a premium gutter system is essential to all of the above. But what you may have not considered, are the accessories. The right combination of gutter accessories make a world of difference in both the function and aesthetics of your installation. Today we take a look at the lineup of high-grade appendages that will ensure your gutter set-up is optimized for home exterior care.

6 Accessories to Complete Your Premium Gutter System and Ensure Maximum Protection for Your Property